My original chat with Jacqueline focused on her art career. Two years on, her adventure has taken new developments. What piqued my interest was what she said “The destination is the excuse to take the journey.” Here I sat down with her to learn more of her adventurous and fun-loving side and a candid sharing of life, work, and pursuits.

Can you tell us how you got from art to business?

My trade is painting. But since being back in Hong Kong, I was thinking about how I could promote my artwork, how do I get into galleries.

Of the few gallery openings I have been to, I really didn’t enjoy…

An entrepreneur’s journey

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  1. New video game degrees and back at school as an older student
  2. Creative juices flowing + lesson from the first launch
  3. Modus operandi: What we want in a game. How to scale.

New video game degrees and back to school as an older student

So what was the first job you applied for?

So I actually didn’t really apply for any video game job. But I kind of fell into it. What happened was when I got back, suddenly there were these video game degrees that didn’t exist when I started my science degree. And I just heard about, ah you can do these video game…

Conquering 100K Rebel Walker

She set her sights to run Hong Kong’s toughest 100km Rebel Walker. An annual event where teams run over 20 hours straight through mountainous, earthy terrain. Why? Some people love coming through the other end, of having endured, grown and conquered.

To familiarise herself with the routes and prepare for the race, Vivien enlisted a friend who’s an experienced veteran. The friend agreed that it would be a good idea to do a 20 km overnight run to gain experience of running the hilly terrain at night.

First Evening Run

At a certain point of that run, Vivien was feeling her energy dip…

Chocolate tasting — a different way.

Four or five of us gathered around some chocolates. No labels on the chocolate. We have no idea what brand, what flavour. The facilitator led us to “taste” the chocolates in air — meaning we didn’t ingest, but we connected to the energy of the chocolate.

For the first piece — we first all connected to the chocolate to feel how it felt in our body as if we have eaten it. Some said they felt it was very sticky in the throat or in the digestion.

Surprisingly, although none of us were trained to “taste” this way, for each…

My friend Yee sends over Whatsapp:

The song always reminds me of high school.

I didn’t realise she plays so well…and she looks so happy.

In the video, Karen Mok, a Hong Kong singer plays the piano four hands with her husband.

Just a regular afternoon. They looking intently at the score to catch all the notes and chuckles when one misses some. Child-like fun.

Recovering Music fun?

The morning I received Yee’s text, I had been thinking about playing piano. How fun it can be to play — play with music. When I moved from Hong Kong to the US, I noticed…

It wasn’t until a chance encounter at a food court of sort that I felt the power of grace.

Standing at the long metallic bench table by the oyster bar, I was having a salad — chopsticks in hand, Japanese style. A man who probably works in the office towers above walked over with his food and stood diagonally across me a feet or so away unpacking it.

Out of the blue, I felt a sudden wave of energy emanating from him. I glanced over — I saw him holding quietly still, hands folded in front of the Japanese hamburger…

I used to visit Singapore often as a kid as we visited my Aunt who lived here. I had fond memories strolling with my cousin to a nearby arcade getting Archie comic books at the used book store, and having my favorite paddle pops. (4 a day!! For a kid that was like the Best-est holiday!)

Although unicorns weren’t quite a thing then, I guess all kids subconsciously have a love for the magical unicorn colors [Enter Agnes in Despicable Me]

There were fond memories of fresh chicken satays barbequed atop of smokey barbeque stoves. Teppanyaki lunches where we’d retire…

Tsubame-Sanjo factory festival will be Oct 1–4 in 2020.

As you push the door open, the sound of metal work greets you. A hanging sea of living Metal Crafters of Tsubame-Sanjo hold fort.

Entry into ROOTS OF METALCRAFT | 33s

As I walked past the NAFA Ngee Ann Kongsi Galleries s on my way to a Saturday afternoon talk, I took note to come back to this exhibition. Who wouldn’t with clean design like this? As my friend says, good design and packaging gives customers cues that it’ll be a good experience.

That’s what I wish to orchestrate — where stellar design infuse and energises user experiences. …

Written by the founder of Cranio Sacral Therapy (CST). The title is apt — our bodies are the ones doing the repair, the growth, the healing. We all have an inner physician. What encourages the body’s own healing to take place? What hinders it? How can we lend the body a hand in its healing?

Getting to the Bottom of it

During the worst of the eczema, my whole scalp was oozing liquid and blood from the sores of the skin. I still remember lying on the massage table, clearly distressed by how out of hand the scalp was, and also embarrassed that the therapist would…

You’d be surprised to find TOTO toilets in wooden shacks. TOTO toilets are swanky Japanese toilets complete with customisable bidet functions and most appreciated of all — the perennially warm seat. Waarmnesss…

The wooden shacks ain’t just any ordinary wooden shacks either. They were out in the boonies in Japan at a Vipassana meditation camp. Naked incandescent light bulbs lit each wooden stall. For 10 days, men and women stay at the camp to learn and practice Vipassana meditation.

The Considerati

Since Literati describes those who are learned, the “Considerati” would then describe those who are considerate.

The Japanese are culturally courteous…

Karen Tsui

Writer + Host: Filmaholic/ Orchestrii Orchestrator-in-Chief / Design-lover /World explorer. Written for Zolima City Mag, Culture Trip.

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