Mindsets: Tortoise and Hare in Practice

Conquering 100K Rebel Walker

She set her sights to run Hong Kong’s toughest 100km Rebel Walker. An annual event where teams run over 20 hours straight through mountainous, earthy terrain. Why? Some people love coming through the other end, of having endured, grown and conquered.

First Evening Run

At a certain point of that run, Vivien was feeling her energy dip. In need of fuel, she grabbed some powergel/snacks. The friend yelled at her to stop her from eating — as he insisted that she finish that segment of hills first. However, Vivien knew her body best and could feel her energy drop. An argument erupted. He, was insistent. She, needed the fuel. He was yelling. She was yelling back. Soon, it all went downhill, “Just go! Go away. I don’t want to ever see you again!” she yelled. And she meant it.

Accelerate growth

Vivien is an experienced hobby athlete. She’s played for women’s tennis teams of clubs, and ran marathons in Hong Kong and overseas. She made the switch to running mountains because of injuries. Surprisingly, running mountainous terrain became more bearable than running flat pavements. Saturdays are her running days with husband and friends. Rain or shine.

  1. Having a goal in mind

The Tortoise overtook the Rabbit

Vivien and the friend had since made amends and train together. In passing, she says, “I run faster than him now.” *A look of amazement from me* “I had to help him at some runs even.”

Food for thought:

  • Just like piano practice, it’s easier to practice the dominant hand. However, it’s the non-dominant hand that needs more practice. How targeted do you strengthen what can help you grow?
  • Having a goal in mind affects the mindset. Giving a shoutout to the small achievements along the way can help us keep going. What have you set your sight on?

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